XLAIR – Intense Fragrancing Designed for Generous Spaces

XLAIR – Intense Fragrancing Designed for Generous Spaces

“We are extremely excited to unveil our new secret weapon designed to fragrance and uplift large spaces.”

Watch our XLAIR Video here, presented by our Hygiene & Welfare Consultant, Elaine Billinghurst

 XLAIR is an attractive, versatile and affordable option, aimed at creating a passive scent in considerable and challenging spaces up to 3500sqft. The XLAIR utilizes a ‘Hi-tech Smart Fan’ which enables dry essential oils to travel, maximising your experience.

The XLAIR is the perfect, intelligent solution for boosting fragrance in sizeable areas such as; hotels, offices, reception areas, hospitals, nursing homes, locker rooms, large stadiums and care facilities. Xlair brings  a veritable aircare system at your disposal.

Key Benefits of the XLAIR system:

  • Dry vapour – remains airborne for maximum impact
  • Essential oils – a natural solution, free from propellants and solvents
  • Customisable Fragrance – Endless fragrance options and combinations, to combat nose fatigue
  • Seven strength settings – to cater for every individual need

As always, we strive to provide a clean and green service and are committed to being kinder to the environment. The XLAIR features recyclable cartridges containing no VOCs helping us to retain our eco-friendly ethos.

The XLAIR is now available for installation in your business. For more information, please contact us today for a free consultation, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Call us on: 020 8317 9693

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