Air Care

Reinforcing the cleanliness and image of your facility

A pleasant background fragrance will immediately reinforce the cleanliness and image of your facility, from your reception, boardroom to the washrooms, leaving a lasting first impression.

Bad smells caused by kitchens, body odours, nappy changing areas and used toilets to name a few, can leave a common embarrassing situation which users tend associate with poor hygiene. To overcome this problem, we offer a variety of aircare solutions. No matter how large or small an area we can help you choose the right system tailored for your environment.









XLAIR is an attractive, versatile and affordable option for fragrancing large and challenging spaces up to 3500sqft. XLAIR utilizes a Hi-tech Smart Fan which enables dry essential oils to travel, for a complete and uplifting experience. Featuring a customisable fragrance system you can create endless fragrancing options, combating nose fatigue.









Auto Aircare

Automatic modern fragrance delivery provides a constant freshness. The stylish units are programmable to suit your business requirements. Innovative ‘Intensity burst feature’ helps to build up the fragrance levels at high traffic times.

ahsleaves    Aerosols are collected, degassed and all metals and plastics recycled


Eco ‘V’ Air

Companies today are looking at ways to reduce their environmental impact in order to improve sustainability targets; Eco ‘V’ Air provides the answer. This innovative and continuous system creates an environment that is permanently fresh all day, every day by dispersing uplifting fragrance through air movement.


Non-aerosol system providing no butane’s or gases.



Uplifting the environment by providing up to 500 cubic metres of fragranced air, this delivery system is unobtrusive to the user and the environment. Omniscent is a great delivery system for large interior spaces where constant performance is required.

ahsleavesNo CFC’s, 100% Bio degradable refills



AHS Prozone  offers a ‘natural solution to unpleasant organic odours and airborne micro-organisms. A safe, continuous method, working throughout the day, destroying up to 99.5% of micro-organisms reducing cross-infection. Tackling the root cause of the bad odour; producing ‘A breath of fresh air’.







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