ISO 14001 accredited; we will always seek to find innovative environmentally conscious options.
When choosing our product design, waste management, packaging and service systems we always consider environmental impact as well as the economic and functional aspects. Recyclable materials are sought wherever possible, without compromising safety and product quality.

Reducing Water and Energy Usage

Our washroom services help you to save energy and water usage whilst ensuring a clean and safe environment for your staff and visitors, each and every day. We tackle common key areas associated with high water and energy usage: urinal and WC flushing hand washing and drying, whilst making these areas work more efficiency.

Waste to Energy

80% of all waste is landfilled in today’s society, with our environment issues of today this is clearly not acceptable, and this is why our method of disposal is to incinerate. All the energy generated by the incineration of the waste we collect is recovered by the plant and the steam is used to heat our local hospital. Any surplus energy goes straight back into the National Grid. Click here to see  how AHS can help with your waste management needs.



Bag It Bin It 

 deca7d_4ae0df3a731e418289bcf7d81280c557It is estimated that 2 billion items of sanitary protection are flushed down British toilets every year. Children, bathers and other beach users regularly come across these items, and to a child, the potential dangers of a syringe needle or used sanitary towel is not always obvious.

We at AHS are committed to your welfare and our environment offering solutions to support the ‘Bag it Bin It Campaign’ national water industry-led campaign promoting responsible disposal of discarded personal products.


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