Hand Drying


Reducing energy bills and carbon emissions for a positive impact

ahsleaves10 seconds hand drying time whilst offering up to 80% energy saving, makes our JetAir and FastDry not only very cost effective, but a greener option too.


Drying cost is between an incredible 0.03p (900w) per dry and 0.04p (1.6w)

Compact design, available in white enamel, brushed stainless steel or polished chrome finish.

Blue LED feature, provides a visible indication of the auto drying zone.

ahsleavesElement energy savings – hands can be dried fast by only using as little as 900w.



Fast Dry- Jet Air -1

 (Based on Energy charged at 0.09p per kw/Hour)




Ideal for locations with limited wall space.

Drainage tray removes slip hazards, collecting any waste water from the drying process.

HEPA filter traps 99.5% of bacteria whilst the UV technology working an hour per day kills those that dare to remain, killing the bacteria provides fresh clean air for individual safe drying

Auto no touch dryer has an antimicrobial coating inhibiting surface bacteria growth, further reducing cross infection within the work place.

Air travelling at 95 miles per second produces a blade of air which strips moisture from the hands leaving them dry in just 10 seconds.

Adjustable 2 speed brushless DC motor 650w – 1050w and 1100w heating element that can be turned off to suit all applications.

LED feature, provides a visible indication of the drying zone

Modern easy to clean sealed design with a tough durable, chip resistant silver moulding

ahsleavesOnly requiring 10-12 seconds drying time with low energy usage.

Fast Dry -Jet Air 2

   (Based on Energy charged at 0.09p per kw/Hour)



Eco Fast


Ideal for locations with limited wall space, but still requiring automatic 10-12 seconds dry time with low energy usage.

Blue light for range direction and element on / off switch. Available in stainless steel and white a popular choice for disabled or single cubicles too.

Height 180mm x Width 250mm x Depth 138.5mm

This automatic dryer is most probably the smallest, most energy efficient and quickest hand drying model in the market.

Available in 2 models:- polished stainless steel and white epoxy powder coated finish


Key Features

Powerful Operation

Blue Light for range detection

ahsleaves10-12 Seconds drying time

ahsleavesLow energy usage

ahsleavesElement can be switched on/off

ahsleavesSaves up to 75% energy costs against a  conventional dryer


EcoFast Dry Prices

    (Based on Energy charged at 0.09p per kw/Hour)

Plasma Hand Dryer

Windsor Polished Stainless Steel 4603 (1)

 Plasma – New Technology


The powerful function of the Plasma Dryer is a new method of killing harmful bacteria, deodorising shared environments, whilst stopping the growth of mildew and air pollution.

Air passes through a neutralisation of positive and negative electrical charge, releasing energy. Ions from the high energy ultraviolet rays will charge the particles of dust and impurities in the air and eradicate them.

Photo-catalyst reaction produces powerful oxidizing energy, which destroys the cell membrane of bacteria and oxidises the proteins of viruses. Since these particles are constantly split and oxidised, no impurity remains, just clean safe air.

The electrons released cannot stay in the air for long and will be immediately captured by the oxygen molecule and become anion. Anion is very good for our health and is now being called ‘a vitamin in the air’, promoting good health by keeping the air fresh, clean and natural. The plasma kills E. coli, C. diff,   MRSA, Staph, TB, and more on and around your hands naturally, without chemicals.

Child Friendly Hand Dryer

Puff Hand Drying 

Great for getting kids to wash their hands Hand dryers are a perfect option for schools as they are a hygienic alternative to roller towels, offering less chance of cross infection. They also eliminate the risk of paper towels being strewn across floors or even thrown down toilets, causing expensive blockages and mess. Evidence shows children of primary school age are often reluctant to use hand dryers due to fear of the loud noise emitted. Puff brings magic to Hand Drying.

New Puff 1


Colourful imagery encouraging pupils to wash their hands

Flat surface means the dryer does not protrude far from the wall, for a safer
environment for lively children, the visually impaired or disabled.

ahsleavesLow decibel levels, achieving the ‘Quiet Mark’ shhhhhh!

ahsleavesDesigned to be reliable and energy efficient.




A Quiet Roar From Leo the Lion

Rebecca King, School Business Manager at Chesterton Primary, said: “Now we are using this quieter dryer, with a bright and colourful hand hygiene message on the front, our pupils have much better motivation to wash their hands properly.

The look and feel helps to encourage the children to be more proactive about hand-washing, as they want to use the dryer for fun. This, combined with practical advice in the classroom, is really helping to get the hand hygiene message across.”

photo lion dryer 2Cool temperature for comfortable and safe drying

More designs available

More cost effective than paper towels

ahsleavesLower energy and noise

ahsleavesEco friendly


If you want to find out more about our range of hand dryers you can email us at enquiries@absolutehygienesolutions.com or call us on
0208 317 9693. 

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