Urinal Management

Reducing urinal blockages and eradicating bad odour at the source.


The familiar stench of gent’s urinals is due to the build-up of scale and uric salts. Deposits clog the pipes, providing a breeding ground for bacteria to multiple in their millions; once broken down it releases ammonia, ‘that unmistakable odour’.

Our Digital Urinal Sanitising System offers programmable urinal maintenance to solve this common odour problem whilst helping to combat costly blockages.

By automatically injecting ‘environmentally friendly bacteria’, selected for their digesting ability of waste materials, it is constantly active and working all day, every day. Attacking bacteria growth at its source it eradicates the odour associated with urinals for a more pleasant use of facilities.

The live formula also inhibits scale formation, which eliminates the down time of costly, messy blockages. By depleting the breeding ground of bad bacteria; it also reduces the cross infection from bacteria which is made airborne with the flush water.  



The Sleeve System is inserted into the trap of the urinal or trough. The ‘good’ enzymes are held within the sleeve slowly releasing them into the pipework, where the source of urinal odours and blockages occur.  The enzymes break down uric salts and out populate existing bacteria which are then washed away with the next flush.  This process works more effectively, the longer the good enzymes get to do their job, which is why there is no need for constant flushes throughout the day. By reducing the flushing frequency with AHS water management unit to three times within 24 hours, urinals are maintained in optimum condition and dramatic water savings are enjoyed.





Our Bio – Breakdown is a bacterium based urinal bowel cleaner; compatible with the biological agent of the sanitising system; a ‘live working product’ creating a bio film to tackle new waste. It can be used to spray the urinal bowl and surrounding areas daily during normal washroom cleansing duties.






Bio Ball effectively reduces scale build-up in and around the urinal bowl or trough outlet and downstream drainage. Every time the urinal is used or flushed fluid passes over the Bio Ball and erodes a small amount of friendly bacterium into the drain, which replicates itself while it devours foul odour causing bad bacterium and softens the hard uric scale deposits ensuring the drain remains serviceable and hygienic, the flushing water assists the bacterium to move down the drain consuming more waste as it goes.

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The Bio Ball complies with the requirements of building and water regulations and is a “Waterwise” listed product.



BioPurge Urinal trap treatments are recommended prior to installation of our digital sanitising unit to help open the pipework or as a regular scheduled deep treatment for high usage areas; formulated to break down the surface of organic deposits before rereleasing enzymes which eat through waste breaking down the organic matter in the pipework.


Our Urinal Screen is able to fit over the drain or any style of urinal and its unique wed design acts as a net to catch debris such as chewing gum, cigarettes, hair and other refuse that can add to blockage problems. Centre target promotes better aim for user and quick drain design allows urinal to flush quickly. Mal-odour eliminating technology absorbs bad smells whilst a pleasant fragrance is released at the standing area. Fragrances: Cool mint, Ocean Spray, Cucumber Melon, Citrus Mango, Apple Orchard.



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