Hand Care 

We have between 2-10 million bacteria between our fingertips and elbows, this can double after using the toilets **

Hand washing is the single most important step in breaking this chain of cross contamination and preventing the transmission of foodborne illness, colds and infection in the work place. The AHS wide range of hand washing systems combines innovative dispensing technology with quality formulations to ensure hand washing that’s healthy and cost effective.

High capacity stylish wall-mounted dispensers incorporate antimicrobial touch button and sealed cartridge refills, for a safe hygienic delivery, whilst touch-free automatic options further reduce the risk of cross infection.
** Source: Health Protection Agency UK.


Enduro Hand Sanitiser

Most infections are caused by naturally occurring harmful bacteria and viruses being passed on by hand contact.

Enduro Hand Sanitiser is tested and proven to be sporadically active against C. difficile. Its pleasant foam formulation is kind to skin and preserves natural skin oils rather than stripping them like alcohol based products. For added protection and peace of mind, Enduro remains on the skin and is proven to continue to work 2 hours after application.
ahsleavesEnduro Hand Sanitiser has no adverse effects on the environment. 


Foam Soap

Our non-drip foam soap is amongst the most environmentally-friendly systems, resulting from a reduction of up to 60% less chemical contamination into the water system and less packaging waste.

ecolabelEnvironmentally responsibility – Ecolabel soap is also amongst our range of hand care options. The label ensures that the best decisions for the environment are made at every point of the product’s life, while delivering high-performance products and value for money. So when you see the EU Ecolabel logo, it means less waste, less pollution and products that are better for our planet.


Luxury Range

Elegant and affordable toiletries with a luxury feel, Mulben & Fearne London was inspired and designed in the UK. Chrome wall mounts set the line off beautifully offering a choice of:

Eco pump 300ml

  • Liquid soap
  • Hand and body lotion
  • Hair & body wash

ahsleavesParaben-free ingredients and naturally derived fragrances are sourced within the EU.




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