Who is at risk of Threadworm?

Who is at risk of Threadworm?

September is the start of the academic year and is arguably one of the busiest times of the year for parents and children returning to Nursery and School. Making sure your child’s hands are washed could prove to be a challenging experience. This year has seen a rise in cases of Threadworm infections reported in nurseries around the country. Threadworms, also known as pinworms, are tiny parasitic worms that infect the large intestine of humans.

Threadworms are a common type of worm infection in the UK, particularly prevelent in children under the age of 10. Worms appear white in stools and look strikingly similar to small peices of thread. It is also possible to notice them around your child’s bottom. In some cases, Threadworms do not cause symptoms, however, people have reported itchiness around the bottom or vagina. Itchiness often worsens during nittght time which can be a clear indication of infection.

There are many ways in which a Threadworm infection can spread. Thankfully we have a range of products available that can minimize and eliminate infection. Educate yourself by reading our explainer graphic below:



Preventing a Threadworm infection can be a challenging experience. However, maintaining good hygiene and making sure your children’s hands are washed regularly can help to prevent the infection from spreading. Our Enduro Hand Sanitiser can help ∂vvtto keep both you and your children’s hands clean in between washes and meals.

Enduro Hand Sanitiser is tested and proven to be sporadically active against C. difficile. Its pleasant foam formulation is kind to skin and preserves natural skin oils rather than stripping them like alcohol based products. For added protection and peace of mind, Enduro remains on the skin and is proven to continue to work 2 hours after application. For full information and service click the link below:

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