Reduce Sickness In The Workplace With Our NEW Plasma Hand Dryer

Reduce Sickness In The Workplace With Our NEW Plasma Hand Dryer

You’ve probably read in the news about recent research into popular, branded hand dryers and how they actually spread sixty times more bacteria than other hand dryers.  When researchers dried their hands using these hand dryers they found they were capable of spreading germs up to three meters around the washroom!

This isn’t the case with our Plasma Hand Dryer.

The Plasma Hand Dryer is a breath of fresh air compared to other hand dryers – literally. It naturally kills 80% of bacteria on your hands and leaves no impurities in the air or on your surfaces. Unlike other hand dryers it eliminates odours, germs and bacteria meaning fewer sicknesses in the workplace.


In the ten seconds drying time, ultra violet ions eradicate particles of dust and any impurities in the air. A process called photo-catalyst oxidation takes place to destroy the protein of viruses and the cell membrane (the most important part) of bacteria.

As the process is constantly oxidising and destroying bacteria they’re unable to land on surfaces, such as door handles or in the air. The UV Plasma Technology also kills nasty bugs such as E.coli, C.diff and MRSA.

What about paper towels?

In the same research, paper towels spread germs up to 25cm across the washroom which means the germs are still there in your washroom, on handles and other surfaces, waiting for the next person.

In terms of cost, paper towels actually cost you more money per year than a good, effective hand dryer, not to mention the waste they generate.

Remember, one in ten people do not even wash their hands.

So, if a person comes into work ill and doesn’t wash their hands, the Plasma Hand Dryer will still be purifying the air even when it’s not in use. This means the next toilet visitor will be less likely to pick up the bug from the washroom.

Colours Available: Black, White, Satin or Polished Steel.

Call us on 0208 317 9693 or email us to see how a Plasma Hand Dryer will benefit your workplace.

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