5 Hand Hygiene Tips for Kids!

5 Hand Hygiene Tips for Kids!

Good hand hygiene is the best defence we have against infections and this is particularly helpful when children start nursery or school where bugs are in abundance.

We know it can be tricky to get your child to wash their hands so we’ve put together our hand hygiene tips for kids!


This is perfect if children are visual learners.

In a bowl, get some body lotion and ask your child to mix some glitter into it. When the glitter and body lotion are all mixed together and all over their hands ask them to shake your hands or pick up their favourite toy.

As you’re doing this, show them how easy it is for the glitter to end up around the house or school. When washing their hands, point out how the glitter is washed away, especially when you wash your hands thoroughly.

This experiment is good as you are able to explain that some germs are not bad but highlights how hands need to be washed after the toilet or after sneezing.


Kids love to colour in so if you want them to understand the importance of hand hygiene, it is time to get creative!

Draw your own posters of germs or simply a picture of someone or your child’s favourite character washing their hands. If drawing is not your thing, pass the pen over to your child or visit Pinterest.


World Health Organisation recommend washing your hands thoroughly for twenty seconds with soap and warm water.

A good way to do this with kids is to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice so they know they are washing their hands properly.

Prompt Cards

A good way to encourage good hand hygiene is placing reminders in the bathroom or on the toilet door so they will see it and remember to wash their hands.

These are quite simple yet effective tips on how to encourage your child to wash their hands whether at school or at home.

We would love to know how you get your child to wash their hands – share your tips with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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