Fresher Is Always Better! Introducing The New AHS Urinal Screen!

Fresher Is Always Better! Introducing The New AHS Urinal Screen!

For many companies across the business world it is of upmost importance to create a good impression that extends to the everyday working environment, this should also extend to the sometimes forgotten, washroom area. A common source of malodours can be found in the washroom, particularly, the gent’s urinals. Foul smells can have a negative impact on your organisation and the welfare and moral of your workforce. Up to five feet of the surrounding area of the urinal can be affected by urine splatter and splashback, which is why urinals present a common breeding ground for bacteria and bad odours. Urine droplets containing pathogens may contribute to the spread of sickness in the workplace.

AHS Urinal screens have a multitude of beneficial qualities; releasing billions of optimised bacteria that sterilise and eliminate odours for a fresher environment.  Long protrusions eradicate splashback, reducing the spread of harmful bacteria at the shared standing area.  As the screen sits over the opening, it stops debris such as hair and chewing gum falling through which can contribute to blockages. Best of all, the urinal screen gives your washroom a splash of colour with a continuous fragrance. Alternating fragrances to prevent nose fatigue; AHS offers a service that replaces the screens for you, for continuously fresh washrooms.

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