New Airsteril: Washroom Range

New Airsteril: Washroom Range

Odours can quickly become disruptive in a working environment. Airsteril, is your solution to rapidly clear embarrassing odours including smoke, illness, damp, incontinence, mold and poor hygiene.

Airsteril completely sterilises all hard and soft surfaces including fabrics and furnishings, completely eliminating bad odours and halting the growth of bacteria, molds, and fungi. The innovative UV light technology leaves an ‘invisible sterile film’ which works 24 hours a day, promoting a safe and hygienic environment to many different environments.

New Honeycomb Design 

The new design features a dust-resistant honeycomb structure which dramatically improves the Airsteril’s effectiveness.

Perfect for use in: Reception area, waiting areas, kitchen, bedrooms, meeting areas, break out rooms, studios, waiting areas, changing rooms and washrooms.

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