How Eco-friendly is your Business?

How Eco-friendly is your Business?

We are very proud to say we’re an environmentally friendly company offering a variety of eco-friendly products. It’s important we make an effort to protect our environment and the good news is, it only takes small changes to make a big difference. 

Here we detail five areas in your workplace which you can change to make sure your business is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. You could even save some money in the process.

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AHS and the Environment 

Firstly, it starts with us. We’re ISO 14001 accredited so we are committed to being environmentally conscious. From choosing our product design, packaging and products to servicing we always consider the environment. In fact all of our products can be recycled.

Reduce Your Water Usage 

Even if you’re a small business or a big company you might be using more water than necessary. When people wash their hands the taps may continue running long after they’ve been washed and dried. With a Pushatap we quickly convert your existing tap into a highly efficient delay tap which could save you 85% on your water usage!

Similarly with your toilets or urinals they could be automatically flushing up to 9 litres typically four times an hour which is roughly 315,000 litres of water per year.

What does 315,000 litres of water look like?

  • 3939 bath tubs
  • 10 petrol tankers
  • 15,750 water cooler bottles
  • 4848 washing machine cycles
  • 9004 showers

With an AHS Water Management System reduces your water usage right down to 78,840 litres or 13,140 litres per annum, depending on which solution suits your business best. You can change the flushing time to once per hour and even stop completely when the building is unoccupied.

This is one of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Efficient Energy Usage 

Similarly, buying a good, efficient hand dryer can reduce your carbon emissions. Our AHS Fast Dry and Jet Air save up to 80% on energy, drying your hands in just 10 seconds using as little as 900w.

Not only are these hand dryers the greener option but they could also save you money. Compared to your conventional hand dryer on average you could be spending £106.20 per year but with a Fast Dryer it could only cost £19.20 a year. That’s an amazing £87.00 saving per annum.

No Waste to Landfill

Did you know that 80% of waste collected is landfilled? This is really detrimental to the environment as the waste is usually left to rot, producing and releasing harmful gases which can contribute to global warming.

However, we do things differently here at AHS – we prefer the Waste To Energy disposal method.

All the waste we collect is incinerated which is recovered by the plant and the steam released is used to heat our local hospital. Any surplus energy goes back to the National Grid.

Bin it! 

It is estimated that 2 billion items of sanitary protection are flushed down British toilets every year. Children, bathers and other beach users regularly come across these items and they may not know the potential dangers of a syringe needle or used sanitary towel.

All of our solutions support the ‘Bag It Bin It’ campaign, promoting responsible disposal of personal products for the safety of others and the environment. We make it easy for you and your staff and customers to dispose of these items discreetly and safely.

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