Cost Cutting Ideas For Your Business

Cost Cutting Ideas For Your Business

Are you looking to cut costs within your business? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we have four ways you could save money and it’s easier than you think. And it all starts in your washrooms!

With us at Absolute Hygiene Solutions, we can reduce your water and electricity bills by offering innovative and most importantly, efficient workplace services, that not only save you money (in some cases, dramatically!) but that also help to save our environment.

Think of how many visitors your washrooms get each day and then think about how many times the hand dryers are used or how often the toilets and urinals are flushed or how many times water is left running.

You can probably begin to see where your money is being drained (see what we did there!)

Below are the key areas where your money is being spent and how our products and services can help save you money in your business.

Change Your Taps

Hand washing is very important but sometimes in the workplace or public washrooms water is left running long after you’ve washed and dried your hands.

Introducing the Pushatap – the only push tap to have full flow and running time control saving you 85% on your water usage!

Plus, there is no installation costs involved as it converts your existing tap quickly into a highly efficient delay tap.

Get Rid of the Paper Towels

Surprisingly, paper towels cost you more money a year than a good, effective hand dryer. Plus, swapping to a hand dryer reduces soggy towels on the floors or other mess in the washroom.

Compared to your conventional hand dryer on average you could be spending £106.20 per hand dryer per year but with a Fast Dryer it could only cost £19.20 per hand dryer, per year. That’s an amazing £87.00 saving per annum*.

Our AHS Fast Dry and Jet Air are very cost effective and save up to 80% on energy as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Check out our hand dryers range here.

Control the Toilet Flushing

Yes really!

You can make big savings with an AHS Water Management System.

Each automatic flushing urinal can use up to nine litres of water each time it flushes, depending on cistern capacity. An unmanaged cistern is set to flush four times an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  For one cistern, typically, this costs about £946.08 a year.

An AHS Water Management System for your urinals reduces it to one flush per hour and can stop flushing completely when the building is unoccupied so no unnecessary water usage.

This will cost you only £70.47 per one cistern saving a HUGE £718.30!*

Or we have the UreFlush which converts your toilet from a single flush to a variable flush, putting you in control of how much water you use. Simply flush the toilet like normal then press the green button to save water usage, money and the planet.

Make Your Waste Go A Long Way

It’s important that offensive waste is handled and disposed of the right way otherwise you could face a substantial fine.  We offer complete waste management, from providing sanitary bins to disposing of the waste, so you can be assured your meeting legislative requirements, avoiding a hefty fine and doing your bit for the environment.

Here at AHS we’re committed to your welfare and the environment, that’s why we use the Waste to Energy disposal method. A shocking 80% of waste collected is landfilled but we incinerate all the waste we collect and are able to supply steam and hot water to hospitals or district heating schemes.

*The figures mentioned above are an illustration of the potential savings.

Now you know where you could make potential savings hopefully you will see a nice reduction in your business costs. We would love to hear if you found this article helpful.

This is just a snapshot of the products we offer –  if you’d like to discuss your needs further or any of the products mentioned do not hesitate to call us on 0208 317 9693 or drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you.

We’re currently offering a free survey with a consultation where you’ll be able to discuss your requirements in detail.

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