5 reasons why you should have Floor Mats in your workplace

5 reasons why you should have Floor Mats in your workplace

Indoor or outdoor floor mats enhance your business whilst showing an added level of care for visitors and employees. Whether you’re looking for custom entry mats or anti-fatigue mats we have the floor care solution to suit your business’s needs.

If you’re debating on whether to get floor mats read on to see why we think they’re a great addition to the workplace. 

They make a great impression

You only get a very short time to impress your business visitors and mats are a great way to do this to get the WOW factor, especially if you choose to custom one of our indoor or outdoor mats. You can add your company’s logo and/or picture and have the choice of over 40 colours.

The custom entry mats look fantastic and really elevate your workplace.

They protect your floors

As well as all of our indoor and outdoor mats looking the part, they are very practical too. They trap dirt and water so your floors are cleaner and hygienic. Placing our mats in high traffic areas, such as reception desks and corridors, will help to prolong the life of your floors. They will also save you money on cleaning and on potentially replacing your flooring.

Create a safer working environment

Our mats not only protect your floors but they also help to make your workplace safer. We have a wide range of mats available to suit different environments from industrial mats, cable mats to wet area mats. They prevent any trips and falls and any expensive compensation claims!

Keep employees happy & comfortable

Our mats make your employee’s working areas more comfortable, especially our anti-fatigue mats which help with backache and swollen joints. They stimulate blood circulation and promote better posture whilst reducing lower bag and leg discomfort.

Happy employees = a happy and productive workplace!

Manageable Approach

We make the whole process, from designing to maintaining the mats, as easy as possible for you. If you decide to custom an indoor or outdoor mat you simply tell your Account Manager what design you’d like, supply your logo or image and then we will send you a JPEG of what your mat will look like. If you’re happy we’ll put it straight into production for you.

Apart from the Outdoor Logo mats all of our mats are regularly laundered to keep them looking brand new. We launder on rotation so you’re never without floor mats.

Find out more about our Indoor and Outdoor mats and our Health and Safety mats.

If you want to find out more information do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0208 317 9693 or email lbrownless@absolutehygienesolutions.com 

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