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 Uncontained paper within a washroom is open to contamination from airborne bacteria.

When a toilet flushes, 100’s of bacteria are projected 6ft into the air and float around the washroom. For approximately 30 minutes they remain airborne before they land and multiply up to 28,000,000 times in 8 hours.

By placing paper products within a dispenser, they remain hygienic, providing clean toilet rolls and hand towels for individual use.

This not only creates a safer environment for staff and visitors and reduces sickness, but it also reduces usage which is more cost-effective.

Toilet Tissue Dispensers

The Ellipse range offers modern designs in white, satin silver or chrome finish to suit your décor.

All the systems are lockable with one security key and their practical inspection windows show when a refill is required. They have a removable braking system for minimal waste and the serrated paper tear-off further reduces excessive use.

The units also offer a hinged cover providing convenience and speed when servicing. The shape of the dispensers helps to prevent placement of personal items and cigarette burn damage.

Ellipse Reserve System

A reserve roll is an essential in busy washroom areas. The internal shield automatically prevents access to the new roll until the original roll is finished, so no paper is wasted.

 Ellipse Jumbo System

A popular choice of dispenser for most washroom environments, the jumbo system provides good hygiene standards and reduces overuse.

Ellipse Duo System

Compact two roll option for the smaller cubicles with an internal shield which automatically prevents access to the new roll until the original roll is finished.

Hand Towel Dispensers

The durable hand towel systems are available in white, satin silver or chrome finish with a sleek modern design to suit your décor.

All the systems are lockable with one security key and their practical inspection windows show when a refill is required.

Ellipse Paper Towel System


The unique paper tray is designed to minimise wastage for the single-use hand drying dispenser. This unit incorporates a continual loading system preventing a paper shortage.







Centre Pull System

Center pulling system


Water resistant so paper is protected from incoming splashes of water, this dispenser is ideal for workshops, medical rooms, and kitchens. The unit also offers a keyless button option for instant servicing in areas where key locking is not required. The patented adjustable tension ring system enables controlled dispensing and minimal waste.



Infinite Paper Roll System

‘A fresh approach to the conventional roller towel system’; AHS now provide an all new continuous paper towel system, offering the convenience of a roller drying system without the unnecessary hygiene concern of the laundered linen roller towel.

Large Capacity: despite its compact size, this system has a unique reserve roll feature making it one of the largest paper capacity dispensers on the market. Preventing an ‘empty unit’ scenario half way through the day makes this a reassuring option for any busy environment.

Savings: thanks to its patented reserve roll loading system, a new roll can be inserted whilst the original roll is still available for use. This can save in most cases up to 20% on paper consumption against similar products where the stub roll is removed and discarded.

Hygienic: paper is contained and sealed inside a clear cover, which keeps airborne bacteria away from the user, whilst giving instant visibility of usage. Each 28cm towel becomes available at the time of need, for a clean, safe drying solution.

Hassle Free: manual operation requires no batteries thus reliable and always working. We also take the hassle out of reordering stock, as it is automatically delivered to your premise on a regular basis for you.

Colours: white, grey, chrome finish

Paper Products

We offer a huge range of paper products to suit your everyday needs; supported by our office team regular scheduled orders ensure that you are regularly stocked to avoid the awkwardness and downtime of running out.

Waste Bin



To complete your hand drying facilities we can provide a 51lt non touch waste bin to hygienically house your paper waste ready for disposal.



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