Baby Changing Facilites

All parents and carers are aware that a fully equipped, hygienic baby changing area is a necessity whilst out and about with your child. We can help provide a variety of services and products to give your customers the reassurance of a baby changing environment that is safe and hygienic.

As a licensed waste carrier, AHS provides changing facilities and nappy disposal services that provide a high level of care for your visitors whilst helping you to comply with all legislative requirements.

Nappy Disposal

We assess the level of traffic to your baby changing area to determine the optimum service schedule delivered by our uniformed, trained technicians.

AHS provide storage and disposal containers tailored for the volumes of nappies required, helping you to manage waste effectively and reduce the risk of contamination. Waste Transfer Notes are produced on each visit to comply with legislation.

Changing Table Sanitizer

Even surfaces that look clean can harbour vast numbers of harmful bacteria.

Our easy-to-use surface sanitiser provides the individual with the opportunity to sanitise surfaces, eliminating bacteria before use for added peace of mind. The AHS technician refills sanitiser cartridges as part of your designated service.

Nappy Vending

Slimline nappy vending machines have a capacity to hold 50 nappies complete with baby wipes at the point of need. AHS technicians refill stock levels during regular visits, so you know your customers always have access to the consumables they need.

Baby Change Unit

Our compact, wall-mounted changing unit can fold down vertically or horizontally, providing parents and carers with a safe and secure surface to change their child.

The unit has two durable straps that enable the child to be securely held whilst the heavy-duty, integral, moulded hinges ensure strength and safety. There are no sharp edges and dampened gas struts control opening and closing, ensuring that little fingers are safe.

The unit is tested up to 100 kg and folds away when not in use.

Infant Safety Seat

The Safety Seat provides parents with a safe, convenient and hygienic facility where they can secure their toddler whilst carrying out other tasks.

What our customers say…

“Thank you, AHS, for the personal level of service you provide.” Castelli


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