Insect Control

Discreet and effective insect control for a healthier environment

Keeping insects at bay is an important part of the fight against the spread of germs that cause sickness.

Flies are the worst culprits due to their anti-social feeding habits, but other flying and crawling insects also pose a health risk.

We offer a variety of flying insect control products, for a wide range of locations from entrances, offices, to front-of-house and food preparation areas. Our glue board devices and modern decorative light units will help you overcome insect problems in the workplace.



NoMoreFlies is a desirable and decorative, discreet fly killer. With its modern design, it offers a hygienic solution to create a fly free environment. The patented and removal glue board at the back of the unit is specially designed to shield users from viewing any caught insects.


Stylish and slim design for space efficiency in any setting

Pre-installed UV tube and glue board serviced by AHS Technicians

Portable or wall mounted

UV stable polycarbonate

Light output from the top, front and both sides allows for a better catch rate




Our stylish Aurora fly killer is an ultra-discreet unit designed for front-of-house applications. Ideal for use in restaurants, offices, bars and hotels, the Aura offers an elegant, modern design alongside innovation, for maximum efficiency.








With a contemporary, discreet aesthetic and efficiency, the Halo is the most versatile glue board fly killer available for use across a wide range of commercial applications. Halo is available in as a slim-line 15, 30 or 45 model, providing a high insect control solution for small or large areas.





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