XLAir, the environmentally friendly alternative to spray air freshener!

XLAir, the environmentally friendly alternative to spray air freshener!

It has been well documented that pollution in the UK is at dangerous levels - but did you know that air fresheners could be a part of the problem?

A report conducted in 2016 by the Royal College of Physicians, has warned that it is not just outdoor pollution that people should be concerned about. Everyday products such as air fresheners, pose a great threat to the air quality of indoor space. 

Some air fresheners contain butane gases. Butane is particularly bad for human health; the gas is a central nervous system depressant which can dramatically decrease activity of the brain, affecting physical and mental responses. Once butane is inhaled the fumes are absorbed rapidly through lungs into the bloodstream. The chemicals are solvable in body fat and pass rapidly to the brain and organs, where they take effect quickly. Although the initial effect only lasts a few minutes, this can be exacerbated in the colder periods due to areas being less ventilated; allowing the effect to last up to an extended 40 minutes.

AHS have recently released a brand new product to their sustainable range of air care. These eco options help uplift and fragrance your indoor space without all the risks that harmful aerosols, solvents and propellents pose. AHS XLAir is the health conscious alternative option to fragrance indoor areas whether big or small. The XLair utilises a Hi-tech Smart Fan which enables dry essential oils to travel, for a complete uplifting experience; providing a customisable fragrance system capable of creating endless fragrancing options while still being kind to the environment.

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