FAQs: Healthcare Waste Management

FAQs: Healthcare Waste Management

If your workplace generates Healthcare waste there are more legislative measures and procedures and is governed a lot more closely and securely than general waste. We provide a healthcare waste management service providing everything you need from sharps containers to disposal.

If you have a question that is not listed below do not hesitate to contact us by calling 0208 317 9693 or emailing enquiries@absolutehygienesolutions.com  

1. What is healthcare waste?

Healthcare is also known as ‘Clinical or Hazardous Waste’. It could be:

• Blood and other bodily fluids
• Needles, syringes and other sharp implements
• Swabs or dressings
• Human or animal tissue

The business types that require this service are varied such as dentists, doctors, hospitals, vets, funeral directors and tattooists.

2. Do I need to know the waste colour codes? 

Not necessarily as we will take away all of this stress for you and ensure you’re complying with all legislation. We will however sit with you and explain why we’re giving you a particular container.

The colour codes let waste carriers and disposal companies know what is inside the container or bag and how it should be dealt with.

Check out this Healthcare Waste poster.

3. Do you send your waste to landfill?

No. We use the ‘Waste to Energy’ disposal method for all our waste, Healthcare or Offensive. All of the energy generated is recovered by the plant and the steam is used to heat our local hospital. Any surplus energy goes straight back to the National Grid.

Sending waste to landfill is detrimental to the environment – they release harmful gases and can contribute to global warming and climate change.

4. Will I meet legislative requirements? 

Yes! We ensure you are complying with all legislation. With every waste collection you’ll receive a consignment note, detailing the type of waste collected, its EWC code, the quantity, components, hazard code and container type. A copy is issued for you to retain, ready for auditing purposes.

5. What is Sharps Waste? 

Sharps are classed as Hazardous waste. Sharps include any device or object used to puncture or lacerate the skin, such as needles, syringes and injection devices.

6. How do I dispose of sharps? 

If your business produces sharps waste we will supply UN 3291 approved containers that are colour coded for the waste stream to ensure correct segregation and transportation. All of our Service Technicians are ADR trained and will empty and replace your sharps unit on each service visit.


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