ECOpro Mats: Helping to reduce plastic in our oceans 🌊✨

ECOpro Mats: Helping to reduce plastic in our oceans 🌊✨
Europe generates around 25 million tonnes of plastic waste each year according to the European Commission. Only 30% of this material is recycled with a much lower percent actually going through the recycling process. If plastic is not discarded properly it is very easy to end up in the natural environment. Every year around 10 million tonnes of plastic pollute our oceans with catastrophic consequences to marine life. Dolphins, Sea birds and seals frequently become entangled in the plastic debris while others may mistake it for food.
The water bottle industry has thrived on consumerism and has since exceeded the boundaries of luxury by becoming an everyday essential item in an average person’s life. We believe that this cycle is a trend that is not sustainable. AHS has introduced a recyclable solution to this environmental problem.
Our new range of ECOpro Mats is made from plastic recycled from bottles. The mat has great dirt capture properties, shorter drying times and higher heat resistance. It is one of our environmentally friendly alternatives, for those who appreciate cleanliness in the building while reducing plastic waste that damages our natural environment.
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