Can you Improve on Perfection?

Can you Improve on Perfection?

AirSteril products are the best, boasting unbeatable technology that always delivers excellent results. It’s hard to believe they could work better. 

Well, now they do. 

AirSteril completely eradicates bad smells and kills bacteria on surfaces and in the air, helping to reduce sickness in the workplace. The performance of all the units has been substantially improved which means even greater reduction in contamination, both on surfaces and in the air, giving you an even safer and more hygienic workplace.

The Technical Bit…

  • The lamps now all feature a Tungsten core meaning they have greater reliability than ever before with more resistance to temperature variance.
  • Titanium Dioxide Catalysts have now been added to create Photo Catalytic Oxidisation (PCO) – one of the most powerful airborne disinfection processes known to man.
  • PCO eliminates pollen, pet dander, mould, bacteria and viruses in the air, as well as VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as Methane, Benzene, Ammonia, formaldehyde. Even toxic gases, such as nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide are reduced or destroyed.

So whether you work in a school, care home, funeral directors or an office you will find AirSteril to be a huge benefit to your workplace.

We have units suitable for different environments and demands such as Washrooms, HealthcareCommercial and Mobile Units. 

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