Are you Washing Your Hands Properly?

Are you Washing Your Hands Properly?

There seems to be so much information out there that you may find yourself wondering how you wash your hands properly. Glasgow Caledonian University researched into hand washing techniques in the healthcare industry and found that the six step method recommended by World Health Organisation is more superior to the standard method of rubbing your hands together for 20 seconds or so, followed by a rinse.

Glasgow Caledonian University found this six step method was micro-biologically more effective for reducing the bacterial count (from 3.28 to 2.58) compared to the standard method.

Healthcare professionals have to be more vigilant when washing their hands but we’ve made our own fun AHS poster that will help to promote excellent hand hygiene, no matter where you work.

One way to think about it is you should wash your hands thoroughly for as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.

Hand washing pic

  1. Wet hands and apply soap or hand sanitiser. Rub palms together until soap is bubbly
  2. Rub each palm over the back of the other hand
  3. Then rub between your fingers on each hand
  4. Rub the backs of your fingers against the opposite palm while interlocking your fingers
  5. Clasp your left thumb in your right palm and rub in a rotational motion, then switch hands and carry out the same step.
  6. Carry out rotational rubbing backwards and forwards while clasping the fingers of your right hand in the palm of your left and vice versa

Click here to view our Clean Crew poster.

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