AHS Receives Double Award from Build

What a better way to start off the new year than to announce that we have been presented with two accolades from Build 2016 Facilities Management Awards for the Best Workplace Hygiene Experts and Excellence in Clinical Waste Management for South East England. This recognition of our services could not have come at a better time, as we recently celebrated 10 years of AHS (we will talk more about that later – as that celebration deserves its own post).

If you are unaware of what the Build Awards are, they’re a platform that rewards the best in technical innovation, property industries, design and worldwide construction. The Facilities Management Awards acknowledges the “hidden heroes” (as they like to call it) within the Facilities Management industry; the awards are a declaration of their excellence and dedication to their profession. Now I’m sure you can imagine why we are so excited to be rewarded these two awards out of all the facilities management companies in the whole of South East England!

Over the 10 years we have spent building AHS, we have ensured that we always remain committed to our clients’ welfare and our environment, whilst working proactively to solve everyday problems which enables our customers to carry on with their working day. In a world where environmental policy is held with such high esteem, we strive to provide services that contain a limited amount of chemicals, reduce water and energy usage and we grid plan our vehicles for the best fuel consumption. We can all agree this is a pretty hard task but AHS has managed to conquer this which confirms why we are an ISO 14001 accredited company that has been operating for 10 years!

As we deliver a diverse service range, we’re beyond thrilled to receive the awards for Excellence in Clinical Waste Management and Best Workplace Hygiene Experts for 2016. Our services extend to healthcare and clinical waste, washroom service supplies, logo and traffic matting and infection control. And sustainability has always been an essential factor for us and we continue to provide environmentally friendly services that make a real positive impact.

With a dedicated and efficient team, effective and eco-friendly services we make sure our clients are the pinnacle focus, helping with their daily services and welfare needs. We are proud to mark our 10 year anniversary by receiving the Best Workplace Hygiene Experts and Excellence in Clinical Waste Management awards (for South East England) from the Build Awards. We hope to be celebrating many more awards this New Year!

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